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Fishing Rules

Be sure you have read and understand all rules prior to commencing your fishing session, fishing at the lakes indicates your acceptance of all our rules and conditions of use.

Anyone contravening the rules stated on this page will be asked to leave the premises without a refund being given.

All fishing inquiries should be directed to the fishing bailiff onsite.

General Notices:

  • All areas are covered by CCTV

  • Scenic Estates Ltd (the owner), and their appointed representatives such as Fishing Bailiffs, reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone at any time without prior notice

  • These lakes and grounds are private property and not open to the general public

  • Our lakes are very deep and can be dangerous places for anyone, we ask that children are supervised at all times by a responsible adult

  • Do NOT leave litter or rubbish near our lakes, please dispose of all litter and rubbish in one of the skips or bins provided or take it home with you, litter and rubbish is dangerous to the wildlife

General Fishing Rules at Crystal Lakes:

  • ALL Fishing Tickets are to be purchased before Fishing commences

  • All nets and weigh slings must be dipped before fishing commences

  • Landing mats must be used at all times

  • Micro-barbed hooks only

  • No keep nets

  • No ground bait

  • Maximum of 3 (three) rods per person

  • You must have a valid fishing licence

  • No on under 14 is allowed to fish the lakes, unless accompanied by an adult

  • All fish to be handled with care and returned to the lake immediately

  • Anyone removing fish from the lakes will be prosecuted without any exception

  • All litter to be removed when leaving

  • Anyone breaking our rules will be asked to leave with no refunds given

  • Our lakes are deep and very dangerous. Please use caution and keep children supervised at all times

  • Crystal Lakes Bailiff reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone at anytime without prior notice.

Night Fishing Rules at Crystal Lakes:

  • Night Fishing tickets are valid for a single session which runs between 6pm and 9am the following day

  • 24hr tickets are valid from 6pm thru 6pm the following day

  • ALL Night Fishing tickets must be purchased BEFORE you commence fishing

  • Night fishing is restricted to the 'big' lake only, there is NO NIGHT FISHING on the small lake in the Camping and Caravan area

  • There is to be no parking around the big lake at night, all vehicles must be parked in visitor car park

  • For night fisherman only we require the registration number of your car and a home address when you purchase your ticket

Scenic Estates Ltd (the owner) reserves the right to modify these rules and notices at anytime without notice, please check this and the park rules pages for the latest and currently applicable rules and notices these pages supersede any and all printed signage

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